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Public Bank Berhad | PBBANK (1295)

Public Bank Berhad was founded in 1966 and listed in Malaysia since 1967.

FY2018 – PBBANK has 11 reportable operating segments:

  1. Retail Operations Segment [~50%] - focus on providing products and services to individual customers and small and medium enterprises. The products and services offered to customers include credit facilities (mortgages, trade and personal loans), credit cards, remittance services, deposit collection and investment products.

  2. Hire Purchase Segment [~12%] - focus on the provision of passenger vehicle financing to all levels of customers.

  3. Corporate Lending Segment [~9%] - cater to the funding needs of large corporate customers which are primarily public listed companies and their related corporations.

  4. Head Office Segment [~7%] - internal service providers.

  5. Fund Management Segment [~6%] - consist of sale of trust units and the management of unit trust funds as conducted by the Bank's wholly-owned subsidiary company, Public Mutual Berhad.

  6. Treasury and Capital Market Operations Segment [~6%] - involve in proprietary trading in treasury related products and services such as foreign exchange, money market operations and securities trading.

  7. Hong Kong SAR Segment [~5%] - includes all business operations conducted by the Bank's subsidiary companies in Hong Kong SAR and the People's Republic of China, including retail and commercial banking and lending, wealth management services, stock-broking and other related financial services.

  8. Cambodia Segment [~2%] - conducted by the Bank's subsidiary companies in Cambodia, which includes mainly financing, deposit-taking, general insurance businesses and stock-broking.

  9. Other Countries Segment [~1%] - refers to the Group's banking business operations in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Lao People's Democratic Republic and Sri Lanka.

  10. Investment Banking Segment [~1%] - cater to the business needs of large corporate customers through the provision of financial solutions and direct lending. The services offered include structured financing, corporate advisory services, merger and acquisition, stock-broking and debt restructuring advisory services.

  11. Others Segment [~0%] - Others refer mainly to non-core operations such as property holding.

FY2018 – PBBANK revenue by geographical segments:

  1. Malaysia [~92%]

  2. Hong Kong SAR [~5%]

  3. Cambodia [~2%]

  4. Other Countries [~1%] - Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Lao People's Democratic Republic and Sri Lanka.

FY2018 – PBBANK major customers:

  1. N/A

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Source: PBBANK FY2018 Annual Report

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