Collection: Warren Buffett - #272 'How to Pick Stocks For Long Term'

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In this episode, Warren Buffett was asked how far in the future does he think look into when he is picking stocks?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How does Warren Buffett choose his stocks?

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(Source: https://buffett.cnbc.com/2003-berkshire-hathaway-annual-meeting/)

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When you guys look at companies and you’re thinking about earnings into the future, just do you have any rule of thumb? How far in the future do you think you can look, typically, with a company you believe in, you think you understand the business?

Is it 5 years, 10 years? Do you really think you’ve got, you know, sort of the perpetual, into infinity income stream to calculate the value on? Thanks.


Yeah, well we don’t project as far out as we might have to if we thought we could be successfully frozen (cryogenically frozen). (Laughter).

But we really — you know, we’re going to own these businesses forever. So, we want a business that we think is going to have, if run well, some kind of competitive advantage — over many decades.

I mean, we’re not going to resell them. And we better have something that is not only good now but that’s going to stay good.

So we don’t buy hula-hoop companies or pet rock companies, and we don’t buy companies in industries that we think will have great explosions in demand, but where we don’t know who the winners will be.

So we look a long — we try — we like to think we’re looking a long way into the future.

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