Collection: Warren Buffett - #129 'Not In A Business Of Being White Knights'

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In this episode, Warren Buffett was asked whether there are any companies that he is trying to help out since it has been said that he is the white knight of the investment world because he rescue companies from hostile takeovers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is Warren Buffett comments on Berkshire being White Knight(?)

  • What is Warren Buffett looking for in an investment?

  • How would Warren Buffett respond to takeover bid?

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Good morning.




My name is Mike, from Omaha.

And it’s been said that you’re the white knight of the investment world because you rescue companies from hostile takeovers. Are there any companies you are now trying to help out? And would you please name those companies? (Laughter)


You have a cell phone that you’re going to place orders with? (Laughter)

No, we — what we really want to buy into are wonderful businesses, or at least extremely good businesses. And we want them to have managements we like. And we want the price to be attractive.

And we are not in the business of being white knights. We’re in the business of being investors in things that look sensible to us. And I don’t think I’ve been approached by anybody in connection with that.

We do get approached occasionally. I should say, we get approached when somebody, occasionally, when somebody has a takeover bid. And they say, “Would you like to top it or something?” To which our answer, invariably, is no.



Well, we’re very good at saying no. (Laughter)


Charlie’s better than I am, even. Zone 4.

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