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Collection: Time Management - #9 Jim Rohn 'Don't Mix Work and Play'


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Now, here's a big one, concentration. I had to learn this.

All those years ago, I'm in the shower trying to compose a letter. Found it, it turns out be a strange letter. (Laughter)

So, here's what I learned to do, save the work till you get to the office, save the work till you get to the work.

Now, here's a big one on time management, when you work, work, when you play, play, don't mix the two.

Don't work at play. I used to take my family to the beach and I would bring my briefcase. I learned not to do that. Or at the beach, I'm saying, I should be at the office, I should be at the office. Now, my family is upset because I'm at the beach and I'm thinking office, office, office.

Now, when I'm at the office I'm thinking what, I got to get my family to the beach, the beach, the beach. So things are not going well at the office because I'm thinking beach and things are not going too well at the beach because I'm thinking office.

Here's what I learned to do, at the beach, be at the beach, at the office, be at the office. When you work, work, when you play, play, don't mix the two. Don't work at play.

Now, here's one of the most important ones, don't play at work.

Work is too serious. You don't want the reputation of being the office joker. It's not a good one. Yes, there's time for some pleasant stories. Yes, there's time for a little humor. Yes, best, if it's a happy office, of course.

But I'm telling you got to be serious about work because you're parting with a piece of your life for the work you do. Your work cost you a piece of your life. Here's what it's called, serious business. Not grim. Not unhappy. But serious. Don't play at work.

The old expression, I don't think we use any more horse around at the office. Play around, play jokes, play tricks. No place, not at the workplace. At the beach, yes. At the bar, yes. Somewhere else, not work. You got to treat work with all due conservative passion. because it's leading you to your future.

Here's another key phrase, all work is good. You may not like your job but if it's the stepping stones to get you to where you want to go, you got to appreciate your job. You don't have to have a passion for your job.

Here's the ultimate passion, a passion for incredible success in every department of my life, that's the passion. But don't look down on some menial job, you have to do to finally get you to where you want to go. No job is menial. No job is not known, every job is noble. Training life for pay. Making a contribution to society.


[YAPSS Takeaway]

  • Work is work, play is play. Be concentrate and don't mix the two.

  • Your work cost a piece of your life, appreciate it and treat it seriously.

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