Collection: Time Management - #6 Jim Rohn 'Plan, Prioritize & Often Review Your Goals'


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Next, time management essential.

We've already covered the first one are written set of goals.

And then do priorities on your goals. What's important this week? What's important this month?

Here's the next one, often review, just go over your goals to make sure that your list is working for you. It's got you inspired. It's got you turned on.

Someone says, "How come you're up so early?"

Say, "If you were headed where I'm headed you'd be up early too. If you were going to meet who I'm going to meet, you'd be up early. If it was going to stack up for you like it's stacking up for me. You'd be getting up early."



[YAPSS Takeaway]

  • First, write down your goals.

  • Second, prioritize your goals.

  • Last, often review your goals and make sure that it got you inspired.