Collection: Time Management - #4 Jim Rohn 'Not to Work Harder but Smarter'


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Next key to time management, let's work longer and harder, but see there's a limit to that.

I almost lost my health the first year, I went so crazy about personal development and achievement. I just went bonkers. You know, I told you I was skinny, but the end of that first year I was a walking shadow. And then it suddenly occurred to me, what if I got rich and too ill to spend it? I mean, that was a shocker.

So I started, you know, developing a little more reasonable because I said if 12 hours won't do it, I'll work 14, if that won't do it, I'll work 18. I mean, how many hours it takes? And sure enough it cost me too much.

So see, working longer and harder for some might be appropriate. You know, if you're just sitting around not doing that much. This might be good work longer and harder but you can only work so hard.

Here's the key, not to work harder but smarter. When you've worked as hard as you can, doing the best you can in terms of physical output in the time, reasonable time.

Now, here's the ultimate in the management of time and that is you simply become more skillful.

When I first got into sales, you know I was around people that could get, you know, 9 out of 10, 8 out of 10. And when I first started, I could only get 1 out of 10. But here's what I did. I worked around the clock around the clock, so that I would make up in numbers what I lack in skill.

That's good in sales, you got a jot that down. When you're new, you make up in numbers which you lack in skill. Now when you become more skillful, the numbers can go down because now you're – your persuasive ability and all of that is now so high that you don't need to put as many numbers out.

But at first, if you want to compete, or if you want to really get good, you got to put in the numbers. But if you get more from yourself, develop more of yourself, now, the time management becomes an easier task.



[YAPSS Takeaway]

  • What if I got rich and too ill to spend it?

  • The key is to work smarter not harder but when you are working you should work as hard as you can within a reasonable time.

  • The more skillful you are, the less time it takes.