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Collection: Time Management - #2 Jim Rohn 'The Dignity of Choice, Time Management 101'


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Now, jot this down, approaches to the management of time.

Here's the first one, ignore the subject. I mean that's good advice.

Don't let anything overly bug you because you remember now you don't have to do anything. So I got to get a handle on my time. The answer is no, you don't. If you want to let it all go, you can let it all go. I mean this is good advice.

Somebody says you ought, you ought, you ought. Jot this down, ignore all the you ought or you should. Only if they're giving general information, we should. It's better to say if you're teaching we should, not you should, we should. Then you let me listen in without it being too confrontational.

If everyone did this – see that would be great – and then you give a person a chance to choose to do or not to do it. But when you start the you ought, you ought, now see if I don't, now see we've got some tension and maybe some problems. So you ought seem to always create problems.

When you're talking to your kids, you say no if kids would do this, not always saying if you did this, if you did this, life would be better. But if kids did this, life would be better. It's like making a little talk and let them listen in and then it's a little less confrontational. It gives us a choice.

In one of my seminars, here's what I teach, all life-forms drives to the max of its potential except human beings.

All life-forms drive to the max of its potential except human beings.

How tall will the tree grow? As tall as it possibly can. You never heard of a tree grown half as high as it could. No, trees don't grow half. A tree drives its roots as deep as it can, reaches as high as it can, produces every leaf it can, every fruit it possibly can. To the max. Every life-form strives to the max except human beings.

Now, why not human beings? Jot this down.

You've been given the dignity of choice. You're not a robot. You don't have to repeat this year the same as last year. You can tear up last year's plan, develop a new plan. So the dignity of being a human being.

Now, here's the choice on being a human being. To be part of all we were meant to be or to be all, to strive for all or half or part or some. The choice is up to you to develop one skill or ten skills.

So I'd be happy with just one more language. Well, some say, hey, I'm going to learn six or seven and this is all a matter of choice. And when someone says no, you ought to learn four. You got to resist all that because this is personal dignity. And you don't want to destroy someone's dignity by doing all the oughts and they feel reluctant to do it. Now, we've got problems.

So if you want to, just ignore this subject on time management.



[YAPSS Takeaway]

It's good to plan out our day, but don't over stress yourself, don't let anything overly bug you because remember, you don't have to do anything, we've been given the dignity of choice as a human being.

You plan to do nothing, that is also a plan.

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