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Collection: Time Management - #10 Jim Rohn 'Learn to Say No'


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Here's another big one. Learn to say no.

I'm telling you in such a social society we have now, it's so easy to try to be a nice person saying yes yes yes to everything. Find yourself overloaded. Now, you got to call make the well gosh, you know all the time it takes to back out of something that you said yes to too quickly.

Here's what might be better. I don't think so but if that changes, I'll call you. Little things you can use not to commit – over commit yourself. My friend Ron Reynolds says, don't let your mouth overload your back. It's a good one.

Next, analyze how you are.

And if you have some weaknesses, if you can't – doesn't seem like you can change. Here's the key, get it covered.

I used to keep promising myself, I'd keep the books, keep the books, keep the books. Finally, I gave that up. And back then it only took me an extra 50-60 bucks a month for some accountant to keep the books. I said no, I'm going to save the 50 bucks. You can't believe what I started losing in productivity because I tried to save the 50 bucks.

So the key is, a lot of time you can stay like you are, but just make sure you get it covered.


Next, beware of the telephone and all other systems of communication, especially the telephone at home and systems of communication at home. And here's one of the best lines I've got for you for the weekend. Let all communication systems serve you, but don't let them intrude.

When it comes time to have dinner with your family, you shut off all systems unless the ones that can take messages silently. Don't let the phone ring, don't let anybody intrude, come through the front door nor the back door nor through the telephone or any other device.

So you can't reach John and his family when he's having dinner, the president of the United States couldn't get through. If you develop that kind of reputation. Father. Mother. When we have dinner, when we're visiting, and have this time with our family nothing intrudes.

So don't let these clever little devices keep intruding. You've got to have a place that sink. It's valuable, you don't let anything in for that period of time.

Okay, is that good advice?

Excellent advice.


[YAPSS Takeaway]

  • Learn to say no. Do not over commit yourself.

  • Analyze yourself to find your weakness and get it covered.

  • Don't let anything intrude your most valuable time.

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