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Collection: Peter Lynch - #33 'Who is Peter Lynch?'



You shouldn't be intimidated. Everyone can do well in the stock market. You have the skills, you have the intelligence, it doesn't require any education. All you have to have is patience, do a little research, you got it. Don't worry about it, don't panic.


In 1990, Peter Lynch retired as manager of Fidelity Magellan, the nation’s largest stock mutual fund and one of the most successful. In 13 years, he drove Magellan to a 2,800% gain.

Quite simply, Lynch has been recognized as one of the greatest money managers ever. He beat the stock market for so long, not by timing the market, but by picking the right stocks.

Of course, no one can promise you Peter’s record, but you can learn a lot from him, and you don’t need a billion-dollar portfolio to follow his rules.


Hi, my name is Peter Lynch. For 13 years I managed Fidelity Magellan fund. Those are 13 amazing years. Nine times the market declined by 10% or more and I was very consistent. All nine times Magellan fund fell 10% or more.

I learned a lot of lessons. I think they are true now. I think they were true 20 year ago and I think they will be true 20 years from now. I think I can help you do a better job of investing.

You can’t learn years of stock-picking experience in one night, but you have better stock picking skills that you realize, and you have advantages that no one in Wall Street has. In stock shop, I am here to help you find them and use them.



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