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Collection: Peter Lynch - #16 'Don't Be Misled By The Media About Investing'



I frankly think it's a tragedy in America that the small investor has been convinced by the media – the print media, radio, television media that they don’t have a chance. And they don't – big institutions with all their computers and all their degrees and all their money have all the edges. It just isn't true at all.

And when they're convinced when this happens or this occurs, people act accordingly. When they believe it, they buy stocks for a week, and they buy options, and they buy the Chile fund this week. Next week it’s the Argentina fund, and they get results proportionate to that kind of investing. And that’s bothersome.

I think the public can do extremely well in the stock market on their own. I think the fact that institutions dominate the market today is a positive for small investors. These institutions push stocks on usual lows, they push them on usual highs.

For someone that can sit back and have their own opinion and know something about the industry, this is a positive. It’s not a negative. So that’s what I want to talk about.



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Make use of the price movement in the market.

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