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Collection: Peter Lynch - #12 'What Has Changed About Investing?'



What has changed about investing in the markets since you left in 1990? What has changed?


I think there's a lot of this computer driven things you know, where people buy stocks for a second and only for a second. I think -- I think that's a waste of time. I don't think it's – I think it's disruptive.

On the positive side, information to the public is so much more available today. When a company releases their numbers and they have a call it's open on the Web to everybody. All of the information we used to wait for the mail to come to see what Nike's inventories were like. You know, I mean you find out – I mean in our library in the first class mail. So all of this information, so the investing for the average person now is much clearer; they know the same thing as I do.

It's always – you don't want to invest in companies whose balance sheet is, you know, like $8 billion in debt and they have no cash and they are losing money. That's a terrible combination. You get all the information now. So information is a lot better than it was a long time ago.



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