Collection: Mohnish Pabrai - #9 'Fee Structure of Pabrai Fund'

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In this episode, Mohnish Pabrai explains on Pabrai Fund fee structure and where he copied his investment fee structure from?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is Pabrai Fund fee structure?

  • Where Mohnish Pabrai copied his fee structure from?

  • The best fee structure in the asset management industry.

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My investors love my fee structure. In fact, if the entire fund invest industry adopted my fee structure the industry will disappear.

So my fee structure which was copied straight from Warren Buffett is there are zero management fees. I don't get paid anything by assets management. The first 6% of returns go to the investors. Above 6%, I get 1/4 and they get 3/4 so if you are up 10% I get 1%.

it's subject to high watermarks. If you're up 5% we get nothing and if we're down we get nothing.

And like I said if the industry adopted that fee structure which I would love them to do, they would just disappear.

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