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Collection: Mohnish Pabrai - #51 'What To Read?'



Yeah so, you know the thing is my steady-state assumption is that I am gentleman of leisure.

And you know, if you – you know, I was surprised but someone asked my daughters, one of my daughters recently, you know, what is your dad do? And her response was, well he sleeps (Laughter) and he's on Facebook and that's it. You know, that was her definition of what I did you know, sleeping and being on Facebook.

And I do take afternoon naps which are really good. In fact, I had a nice nap just before we got started today. So thank you Arvind for starting at a time which allowed my nap, that was good.


My pleasure.


Oh sure, thank you the 7pm in East Coast and 4pm here works out well. (Laughter)

Just for you know, I assumed I'm a gentleman of leisure. I'll tend to read whatever I enjoy, you know, I probably have – probably at least 50 books sitting here which I have not read yet. And many of them are not worth reading and I'll find that out soon. So I may, you know, read 10-20 pages and decide this is useless and give up on them.

But so you know, I'll pick up different books depending on my interests at that time. And I was telling Arvind that, you know there's a stock that shown up on the radar that looks quite interesting.

And so recently, I push all the books aside and recently I've been reading and chewing on the business and just trying to get an understanding of whether – I'm not even sure is within my circle of competence or not.

But it looks interesting and I'm enjoying the research so far. And so that's what I'm doing. But basically it's – there's no strategic plan you know, it's just go the way the wind blows. You know, [Inaudible] steady-state just keep reading.

You know, I have a subscription to three newspapers a day so I read those. I have subscription to a number of different magazines; Forbes, Fortune, Business Weeks and Economist and so on I read those.

And I have Manual of Ideas subscription and Value Line subscription, and you know, different subscriptions so I read those. Some message boards, I'll look at what's happening, I'll go to Value Investor Club once a while.

So and then you know obviously, like there is a website 'Dataroma' which does a nice job of, you know, condensing what the new 13-F data is with investors and I looked at that too.

So within all of that I can usually find enough things to keep me busy on a reading perspective.



[YAPSS Takeaway]

I'll pick up different books depending on my interests at that time. ~Mohnish Pabrai

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