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Collection: Mohnish Pabrai - #157 '10th Commandment of Investment Management'



And then finally commandment number ten is thou shall be a shameless cloner.

You know, so cloning is very good for your health. It’s just a – you know, there are many smart people who are great investors, in many cases their portfolio are visible to us because it’s required by law. And it’s a great shortcut to look at what are the highest conviction ideas of some very smart people.

And we have a website like DATAROMA, for example, in the US which is tracking a bunch of investors and telling you what the highest conviction bets are. And so I think cloning can be really good for your health and that’s the tenth and final commandment. And with that Arvind we’ll open up for questions so thank you.



[YAPSS Takeaway]

10th Commandment of Investment Management: "Thou shall be a shameless cloner."

One of the best way to learn is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

And DATAROMA is the hall of fame of investment giants in US.

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