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Collection: Mohnish Pabrai - #101 'Cloning International Investments'



Maybe I'll start an interim, Mohnish. Which is, you know, you talk a lot about cloning in terms of 13-F in the light. How do you go about cloning international investments? Given that there are no 13-Fs for some of the areas that you traffic in.


Yeah, the international investments you can get a little bit of that through Bloomberg. So it's not for Joe Public because Joe Public will have a little harder time. But – Actually not even Bloomberg.

The thing is that if you, you know, if you go to a website in India, like Moneycontrol, which is, you know, like Google Finance if you will. And India require the brokers to disclose anyone who owns more than 1% of a public company. So the companies don't have to make a disclosure till they own 5% or something, but the brokers do. And so if you look at a specific company, you can see who the shareholders are.

And there are some service providers and you know, kind of data scraper who – Like, I think I subscribe to one, I think it's called Alpha Ideas in India, which basically figures out who owns more than 1% of these different companies and they update that once a quarter. So I can see some of that. Bloomberg also, like, for example, if I look at a Korean company in Bloomberg, it'll show me the shareholders.

And again, it's not as easy as a 13-F in the US, but I think some of it you can get that way, but it's not the easiest thing in the world. I have found investments in places like Korea which are owned by some investors I really admire a lot. And in China and such, through that process so it does work.



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