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Collection: Meditation - #11 Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche 'You Can Meditate Everywhere, Anytime'



So you can meditate everywhere anytime under any circumstances.

8 years – 8 or 9 years before, I came to UK and I on the television and I saw the advertisement about the mobile phone company and they said you can use this – brand or company – everywhere anytime even in the mountain. You know, so I thought this is very good advertisement for meditation. (Laughter)

So I changed a little bit. You can meditate everywhere anytime even in the city. (Laughter) So while you're driving – so in London, a lot of one way right? So you go, oh another one way. Oh there another one way. So you will have a lot of time – (Laughs) – Or traffic jam is the best time for meditation, you know, you have to be in the jam for one hour so you will have good meditation session for one hour. (Laughter)

So whenever traffic jam, meditate. Or you go to your home whenever you open refrigerator, awareness. Oh refrigerator, awareness, refrigerator, awareness. Or going to toilet, awareness, toilet, awareness, something like that. So need to build up habit, meditate everywhere anytime.



[YAPSS Takeaway]

You can meditate everywhere anytime just by recognizing your awareness.

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