Collection: Financial Literacy - #13 Robert Kiyosaki | Everyone is a Genius Except in School



The last thing I want to talk about here is this, is that I realized as I studied education, it came across.

I started studying education a later time, I was about 38 years old, and I realized that each and every one of us was a genius, except in school.

There are certain people, like I had a classmate who was considered a genius in school, this guy could do quantum physics and all that when he was in kindergarten. The trouble is he couldn't tie his shoelaces. How many people knew people like that?

You know, they are absolute and they are geniuses in school, but in the real world, they're incompetent. This guy didn't know his left hand from his right hand. We used to play baseball and I said, "How can he be a genius? He could never figure out with a glove went in his left hand or his right hand."

But he was a genius, you know. I said, "How can he be a genius? He can't pitch, he can't bat." You know, it's like this.

So I started to realize that genius that every one of us had it. And what genius stands for is this here. The genie, the magic.

And so what I say to this is this, you know, God created every animal on Earth, every species to have a special advantage. For instance, birds can fly, cheetahs run fast and cockroaches you can't kill them. (Laughter)

So if animals have special advantage so does each and every one of us, for example, Tiger Woods is a genius in the environment called the golf course. Tiger Woods would not be a genius as a jockey. He's just too big. I would definitely not be a jockey, you know what I mean like this?

And you look at Mick Jagger, he went to school to be an accountant but he became a billionaire as a Rolling Stone.

The thing I want to leave you with tonight, ladies and gentlemen, is have the courage to find that environment like Tiger Woods on the golf course, Mick Jagger as a Rolling Stone, Oprah in front of television. Find that spot where your genius comes out. That's what intelligence is.

My genius was crushed in school, I was labeled stupid, and dyslexic, and no attention, and jumping around all the time. Also my genius did not come out in the corporate world, I do not like being told what to do and kissing, you know what to get the corporate ladder. I do not do that stuff well. I do well on the streets. Does that make sense to you guys here? That's where my genius came out.

And the other thing is that I never – I flunked out of school twice because I could not write and I do not read that well yet. But only, you know – no, it's true – I flunked when I was 15 and I flunked when I was 17.

And today, I have one of the top three books in the history of the New York Times, I've been on New York Times' bestseller list for over five years now, only two books have beat me, one of them is 'The Joy of Sex' that might take a while to beat. (Laughter)

So when I flunked out of school, you know, and now I have a New York Times bestseller for five years. I'm still lousy writer, people say you can't write, I say you sounds like my English teacher, you know. I did graduate, I have a Bachelor of Science degree and all that. I went to a very prestigious school here in New York, but the point here is this, that's not, you have to find where your genius comes out. That make sense to you guys here?

And after I flunked out of school, and then this book became, I was scarred for the longest time, I really thought I was stupid. It pained me. Here's my father, the superintendent of education and his son's a moron, you know what I mean? (Laughter)

So what I'm thinking about if the school teachers are still alive, I'm going to look them up on, you know, 1-800 search or something, I will find their names. I got to mail them a copy of my book page by page – (Laughter) – I'll say here it is.

But the point here is this, I didn't find what I was good at until I had the courage to find the environment where genius came out. That make sense to you guys here? And I ask you to do that, intelligence is don't do as you're told, go where you know your genius can come out.

It's not easy, Tiger Woods practices like a wild man to get his genius come out. I practice like a – I write like crazy, I'm not a good writer. Does that make sense to you guys here?

It's not easy. If you think is easy, this is not it, but you and every one of you at home, you need to find where I recommend, finding where your genius lies, what environment do you come the best at?

Because if you look at this picture over here of this young boy, I think this is really it. You know, that's really what it is. Every child is born with a genius.

I did not know when I was 9 years old playing Monopoly that I was, that was I was seeing the future. When I played Monopoly, I saw that I could become a rich man. Whereas my Poor Dad kept saying go back to school.

So I like to leave you with this. Have the courage to find that environment. The magic lamp is your environment, Tiger Woods golf course, Mick Jagger Rolling Stone, Oprah television.

Have the courage to find that environment, where you rub the magic lamp and your genius comes out. The most important thing is do what you know, God gave you the best genius for. Thank you very much and I appreciate it. (Applause)



[YAPSS Takeaway]

Genius is not only in academic or sports, you can be a genius too, if you find your environment.