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Collection: Financial Literacy - #1 'Who is Robert Kiyosaki & What Rich Dad Poor Dad is All About?'



What you will find out there are many people in the financial services industry that do not want me to tell you what I'm about to tell you tonight. So, you know, please be aware of that.

Also, I want to caution you this. If some of you – what I may say tonight may threaten or challenge some of your beliefs about money. I mean how many were taught, you know, to save money for example? Good.

Tonight, you're going to find out why that's a bad idea. So that's what I like this program is going to shake some of you and all this, so stay tuned. I promise if you stay tuned, minimum your financial IQ will go up. May learn to take more control of your money and possibly survive the financial hurricane, that's going to start brewing in the year 2008, the first year – the first of 75 – approximately 75 million baby boomers begin to retire.

And how many people realize those baby boomers may not have enough money to retire on? Good. That's why thank you young people because it'll be up to you to take of us.

So before I begin I'll ask a question, how many of you have already read 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'?

Thank you. Who has not yet read the book? Good, there's some of you. For those who haven't read the book, it's good to see some customers still out there and haven't read about my book. (Laughter)

But anyway, for those who haven't read Rich Dad Poor Dad, I will give you a little bit of my background. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a true story about my two dads;

My real dad was the Head of Education for the state of Hawaii, very smart, hardworking, great guy. You know, it's a PhD and he also ran for Lieutenant Governor for the state of Hawaii, so he's a great man, but I call him my Poor Dad very simply because even though he was a high-paid government official, no matter how much money he made, he was broke at the end of every month and he ultimately died broke.

So obviously money doesn't make you rich or poor, you know, it's really education that does. And as you can tell I'm fourth generation Japanese American which means I don't speak Japanese, and I want to let you know that now, you know, I barely speak English. (Laughter)

My Rich Dad, on the other hand was my best friend's father and although he was a man who started with nothing, he ultimately became one of the richest men in Hawaii. So when you look at, you know, the white sands, and the blue waters, and the tall palm trees, and the hula girls and the tall hotels right on Waikiki Beach. My Rich Dad's family owns some of the land under those hotels.

So Rich Dad Poor Dad – this book here – is a very simple true story of what two fathers tell two sons – my best friend and I – about the subject of money, starting the age of nine.

And I believe one of the reasons the book has been so successful, it is written for nine-year-olds. And it's simple enough for everybody to understand high finance or more importantly, why the rich are getting richer?

So that's basically, you know, my background. I grew up in Hawaii, I was educated in New York and spent six years in the Marine Corps, went to Vietnam twice and all that. And then I came back and started my business career.


[YAPSS Takeaway]

Rich Dad Poor Dad really transformed how I see everything.

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