Collection: Charlie Munger - #89 'Stress-Induced Mental Changes'

Video Link: https://youtu.be/HNU9_itCw0Q

In this episode, Charlie Munger talks about stress-induced mental changes with an example of Pavlov.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How stress-induced mental changes?

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Stress-induced mental changes. Here, my favorite example is the great Pavlov. He had all these dogs in cages, which had all been conditioned into changed behaviors, and the great Leningrad flood came, and it just went right up. The dog’s in a cage, and the dog had as much stress as you can imagine a dog ever having. The water receded in time to save some of the dogs, and Pavlov noted that they’d had a total reversal of their conditioned personality.

Well, being the great scientist he was, he spent the rest of his life giving nervous breakdowns to dogs, and he learned a hell of a lot that I regard as very interesting. I have never known any Freudian analyst who knew anything about the last work of Pavlov, and I never met a lawyer who understood that what Pavlov found out with those dogs had anything to do with programming, and de-programming, and cults and so forth.

I mean, the amount of elementary psychological ignorances its out there in high level, its very [Inaudible].

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