Collection: Charlie Munger - #81 'Bias From Envy / Jealousy'

Video Link: https://youtu.be/5OO2I04gtS8

In this episode, Charlie Munger shared the twelfth causes of human misjudgment, bias from envy / jealousy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Charlie Munger on envy / jealousy.

  • It is not greed that drives the world.

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Bias from envy/jealousy. Well, envy/jealousy made what, two out of the 10 commandments. Those of you who’ve raised siblings or tried to run a law firm or investment bank or even a faculty. I’ve heard Warren say a half a dozen times, “It’s not greed that drives the world but envy.”

Here again, you go through the psychology survey courses. You go to the index: envy, jealousy. In a thousand-page book, it’s blank! There are some blind spots in academia. But it’s an enormously powerful thing, and it operates to a considerable extent at a subconscious level, and anybody who doesn’t understand it is taking on defects he shouldn’t have.

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