Collection: Charlie Munger - #42 'Poor Charlie's Almanack and Peter Kaufman'



Charlie and Peter Kaufman. I just actually – I don’t have a question, I just want to thank you both for putting together Poor Charlie’s Almanack.

It has been an incredibly foundational book in my life and it has really helped inflect my thinking on many different things. So thank you both very much for your work on that. (Applause)


Well, it was really Peter Kaufman’s idea. He did the whole damn thing, and he paid for it himself, being a rich and eccentric man. And I just wish there was one change in Peter Kaufman. Peter Kaufman has made me adored in India and China. I wish the hell he could do more for me in Los Angeles. (Laughter)

The Chinese version of Poor Charlie’s Almanack has been pirated enormously in China. Totally pirated. But the legal sales are three hundred forty thousand or something. Peter has made me very popular in China but he does nothing for me in Los Angeles. (Laughter)



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Give credit to whom credit is due.