Collection: Charlie Munger - #220 'My Relationship with Warren Buffett'



Jerry Miller from Hobart, Wisconsin writes in and he's looking back at your journey through life with Warren Buffett.

He says, "what’s the toughest moment you’ve shared with Warren? And, of course, what’s the very best memory you’ve shared during your life with him? You two seem like you’re brothers by a different mother. May God continue to bestow His blessings on you. Together you’re one of the United States of America’s greatest treasures. Individually you ain’t too bad either."


Well, God is about to give a different kind of a blessing on Warren and me. He’s gonna give us whatever afterlife there is. And of course, nobody knows anything about that.

It's been a great run – Warren and I’ve had a great run. One of the really great things about it is that we’ve been surrounded by wonderful people — the people we’ve shared in our work lives.

What Gerry and I have done in this little business has been a pleasure, hasn’t it Gerry?


Yes, sir.


It’s been a privilege to do it and the privilege to be here and so forth.

And we haven’t had a dumb bureaucracy like a lot of other places. We’ve managed to cope pretty well with the problems that came to us and the opportunities too. And so we’ve been blessed.

And It’s all old-fashioned virtue. Gerry and I don’t have any secrets. We tend to get the day’s work done and be as rational as we can in coping with whatever we have to cope with. And that will always work for people who get good at it.

Warren and I have been very fortunate. And, of course, there are lessons you can learn from our (lives). There are so many people that live surrounded by tyranny. There are a lot of bosses in the world that are absolutely impossible to be under. They’re really psychotic. And you really can’t do anything about it in many cases. Warren I haven’t had those problems. That’s a blessing.



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Surround yourself with wonderful people to work with, that's a blessing in life.