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Collection: Charlie Munger - #200 'Life Advice on Dealing with Regrets'



Charlie, how would your career have been different if you went to business school instead of law school?


Well, we don't get to live life on an alternate career paths at the same time. And obviously, if I drifted into my present line of work at a younger age, I'd have more money now. (Laughter)

But so what – (Laughter) – you know, I always say this, they'll say when I die, how much did Charlie leave and the answer will be, I believe he left it all. (Laughter) Yeah, I mean in the end you're piling it up it's not such a big deal when you have to part with it in the end and so I do not regret.

Generally, only regret is a good – It's like the envy and resentment and a lot of other things. It's just, it's should be generally. I don't have a lot of regrets that I could have done it differently, here that I had a failed marriage or – I don't second-guess the past, I try and learn from the past and make decisions of the future. But I don't gnash my teeth.

I expected that any human beings is going to make a lot of dumb decisions and I've certainly made a lot of dumb decisions in my life, but not as many as most people. (Laughter)


We have time for one more question, how about right back here in the back?



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