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Collection: Charlie Munger - #182 'Live With The Nature We Were Given and We Just Have to Make Do.'



What I'm struck by Mr. Munger is your humor. And I'm also struck by your partner's (Warren Buffett) humor and your style of communication in front of a group, especially in front of probably your shareholders.

My question is, was it something that you developed over time or was it something that just sort of happened naturally through your sort of homespun storytelling ability, or your ability to understand the world?


Yeah, I think Warren and I are very much the way we were born. We were both a bit nerdish and not a huge successes as young boys. And, but we both had this love of humor and we both loved understanding how things worked. And we both have been lucky enough to attract marvelous associates and partners. And so if we weren't pretty good natured, we'd be crazy.

And – but no, it – I don't think – if you don't humor, I don't think you can get it. I think you're born with it.


That's right.


And the same with shyness and all, you can conquer shyness a little. But basically, I think we all live with the nature's we were given and we just have to make do.

But Warren and I have fun in business, and we like our business and we like the people we work with and we like the problem-solving. That's a huge advantage in life. If you really love problem-solving, that's worth about 20 IQ points. (Laughter)



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