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Collection: Charlie Munger - #15 'Energy'



There’s a lot of talk the these days about the climate and the environment and funds divesting fossil fuels, and countries trying to figure out how to generate electricity without polluting the environment.

Could you give us your thoughts on nuclear power? I know that Bill Gates has been a very vocal supporter of it. And I know that Warren Buffett used to invest in Uranium back in the ‘50s and, you know, he more recently helped fund a uranium bank in Central Asia.

So if you have any comments on that as well, thank you.


Well, I admire Bill Gates who feels a duty to throw money at stuff that’s unpopular elsewhere and it might possibly work.

I think it’s an admirable charitable effort by Bill Gates for which he’s very well suited.

I don’t know whether we’re going to get safe little atom plants or something but I think it’s certainly worth thinking about.

The problem with it, of course, is how much additional material do you want a bunch of crazy humans to have? I don’t know the answer to that question.

And regarding energy, of course we’re going to have to get more from the sun directly and so forth. It’s all to the good that everybody’s going into that in a big way.


Hi Mr.Munger, I'm –


By the way, if there was no global warming problem, I’d be in favor of substituting getting power directly from the sun for fossil fuels starting today. Even if we didn't have a global warming problem. I think it’s a good idea to conserve hydrocarbons and use more solar energy. That is by the way not the normal attitude of a lot of people. But I’m right and they’re all wrong. (Laughter)



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