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Collection: Charlie Munger - #14 'What Keeps Me Going'



You're 96 and you're so passionate about what you do, too. So what keeps you going like, what is your – how do you still have the motivations? Thank you.


Well, maybe I’ve been lucky. I like what I do. I have wonderful partners and friends. I have a nice family. My problems are interesting to me.

I have been a very fortunate man and I don’t know how to make everybody else lucky.

I could have had a different hand and been some miserable alcoholic throwing up in the gutter. I don’t think I deserve any great credit for having stumped into a reasonable amount of felicity.

I do think that trying to be rational helped. That’s the only thing you’ve got if you’re a fellow nerd.

If you’re not going to be sex object, you may have to rely on your rationality.



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