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Collection: Charlie Munger - #117 'What Are You Most Curious In The Next 30-40 Years?'



So the last question comes from somebody who’s not affiliated with Caltech, but it’s a great question to ask you after your 75 year association with Caltech. Kristin Berry asked, “What are you most curious about in the next 30 to 40 years?”


Well, having been an investor for so long I’m of course interested in these weird present conditions and these weird economic conditions where they’re printing money like crazy and so forth. And of course, that’s very interesting.

And I’m interested in the fact that the world has come so far and having these undeveloped countries get ahead so fast, like China, and then I compare India, which has a way worse economic record, even though they got more free speech in India and a way worse economic achievement.

I think the economic development of the modern world is very interesting. It’s a very interesting subject. And I see why so many people in economics like it because it is just so perplexing and so interesting.

And of course the achievements have been so great. And so I think a lot of [Inaudible] technology is the same way. Who would guess that the whole world could have colloquial on Zoom? We weren’t doing it a year and a half ago. I mean, it’s just amazing what’s happened.

Who would have guess that – a lot that’s happened should surprise everybody. And it’s very interesting.




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