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Charlie Munger on Meeting Warren Buffett & What Makes Him Unique? | Collection: Charlie Munger #316


CHARLIE MUNGER: When I went back in 1959, to wind up my father’s law practice, mutual friends introduced us. My father was a sole practitioner, and someone had to go sit in his chair and wind up his practice, and it was during that period that I met Warren.

When I first met Warren, I recognized immediately that he was a very intelligent person. And of course, he was interested in the subject that I was also interested in, which was the process of being a successful investor.

And so- and we, have similar senses of humor, and we had a high old time, probably making ourselves obnoxious to the other people in the room. We both came from Omaha. We both worked in his grandfather’s grocery store, so we had a lot of common experience.

What Makes Warren Buffett's Mind Unique?

Well, there’s a big correlation between success in life and an early start, and Warren had a passion for doing well competitively, and getting money as a little tiny child, and he just kept it. And now you add a very high IQ, and a lot of energy and he got a flying start.


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