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Charlie Munger on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) 2023 | Collection: Charlie Munger #274



What are your thoughts on AI’s impact on Daily Journal’s business and more broadly our civilization at large?


Well, I think artificial intelligence is very important, but it’s also a lot of crazy hype on the subject. Artificial intelligence is not going to cure cancer. It’s not going to do everything that we want done. And there’s a lot of nonsense in it, too.

So I regard as a mixed blessing, all this artificial intelligence. Some people have used it in some things like insurance underwriting pretty well. But a lot of people tried to use it in ordinary things like buying office buildings or something, I think that’s way more — I don’t think it’s going to help when you’re going to buy an office building. Not very much anyway.

Yeah disrupt — We had our big disruption when technology kind of severely — it adversely affected our publishing business. And we have our opportunity in this new business but it’s just a long, tough slog. There’s no short — there’s no royal road to success in what we’re doing.



[YAPSS Takeaway]

Artificial intelligence is very important. Learn about it and use it.

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