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Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad | ABMB (2488)

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad was founded in 1958 and listed in Malaysia since ?.

FY2019 – ABMB has 5 reportable operating segments:

  1. Business Banking Segment [~44%] - covers Small and Medium Enterprise (“SME”), Corporate and Commercial Banking. SME Banking customers comprise self-employed, small and medium scale enterprises. Corporate and Commercial Banking serves public-listed and large corporate business customers including family-owned businesses. Business Banking provides a wide range of products and services including loans, trade finance, cash management, treasury and structured solutions.

  2. Consumer Banking Segment [~34%] - provides a wide range of personal banking solutions covering mortgages, term loans, personal loans, hire purchase facilities, credit cards and wealth management (cash management, investment services, share trading, bancassurance and will writing). Consumer Banking customers are serviced via branch network, call centre, electronic/internet banking channels, and direct sales channels.

  3. Financial Markets Segment [~18%] - Financial Markets provide foreign exchange, money market, hedging and investment (capital market instruments) solutions for banking customers. It also manages the assets and liabilities, liquidity and statutory reserve requirements of the banking entities in the Group.

  4. Stockbroking and Corporate Advisory Segment [~2%] - Stockbroking and Corporate Advisory covers stockbroking activities and corporate advisory which includes initial public offering, equity fund raising, debt fund raising, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring.

  5. Others Segment [~2%] - Others refer to mainly other business operations such as unit trust, asset management, alternative distribution channels, trustee services and head office.

FY2019 – ABMB Net Interest Income by geographical segments:

  1. N/A

FY2019 – ABMB major customers:

  1. N/A

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Source: ABMB FY2019 Annual Report

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