Charlie Munger: What's going on with U.S. Politics today? | Redlands Forum 2020【C:C.M Ep.179】

Charlie Munger: What's going on with U.S. Politics today? | Redlands Forum 2020【C:C.M Ep.179】



JACK DANGERMOND: What are you thinking about today's economy in reference to 10 years ago, in reference to 20, 30, 40 years ago. What's going on today?


CHARLIE MUNGER: Well, what's going on politics is the people hate each other more than they used to.

It wasn't that we didn't have political hatreds in the old days, but now the hatred is you can cut with a knife on both sides. I think it's very ugly. I also think it is stupid to allow yourself to hate that much.

There are two things I've noticed in a long life really do enormous damage to the bearer. And one of them is resentment and the other is hatred, and it just – what good is it going to do you to have this [Inaudible] the world is.

And of course, I've watched people work on resentment to get power and politics. Adolf Hitler did, you know, we poor Germans have been abused, blah-blah-blah-blah. Waving his arms.

And I don't, I think that we have drifted on both sides into way too much hatred and way too much resentment. And I think it does terrible damage to the bearer. You can be disappointed in your political opponent, you don't have to hate him. After all, he's just – you're probably as much of a nutcases than he is in some ways. (Laughter)


JACK DANGERMOND: Does it scare about our time or what do you think? Do you think it's gonna all work out?


CHARLIE MUNGER: Well, there's always been a fair amount of it in politics, you know.

And Jefferson and Hamilton hated each other, and Franklin didn't – even Franklin had a certain amount of resentment, hatred. He was – he worked hard at being sensible.

No, I think that we have way too much. It's blinding you hate that much, it blinds your cognition. And there's some good in everybody, you have an extreme example; Adolf Hitler was terribly nice to his dog, his mistress and the Jewish doctor that treated his mother's cancer.

I mean, there's something – I mean, even Adolf Hitler had something good. I mean you don't have to be totally mad at everybody because you don't like their politics.



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